Daniel Buckley, ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Offering In-Person and Online Individualized Fitness & Nutrition Programs

3 Fundamental Principles That Work Together

Achieve your personal fitness goals without sacrificing your enjoyment! 


Personalized Workout Program

customized to your individual needs:

years of experience

# of days/week available to workout

goal of losing fat/gaining muscle


personalized nutrition plan

customized to your individual needs:

weight loss/muscle gain

specific dietary restrictions

food likes/dislikes


The Key To Success

achieve your fitness goals:

without living in the gym

without dying of hunger

without skipping social events

Who Am I?

My name is Daniel Buckley and I specialize in coaching people to achieve their fitness goals while still enjoying their life.  Over the last handful of years, I have successfully transformed my body by gaining 30lbs of muscle and losing 10lbs of bodyfat.  I did this all while working and attending college full-time, along with enjoying a busy social life.

I help people who want to obtain a rockin’ body, while still being able to grab a beer with friends or eat some delicious cake at a wedding.  After years of failed attempts, I’ve gained the experience to coach you on how to be successful with your fitness goals, while still living life to the fullest.  There’s no better time than the present, click the link below to start your transformation program today!

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